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Create API Source

Applysis provides an API which gives the businesses or developers ability to submit customer feedback from their own software systems, it can be mobile in-app feedback, website widget etc.

This document will provide you step by step guide how to create API Source on our platform and generate secret key.

  1. Go on Sources page.
  2. Click Add Source button.
  3. Choose API from the sources type.
  4. Enter the name of the source e.g iOS in-app feedback.
  5. In order to perform analysis better we require you to link your API source with your mobile application. So click Link the app.
  6. When popup appears, select the Apple or Google store.
  7. Select the country.
  8. Enter the app name.
  9. Click search.
  10. Once search is over, you have to click Add Source for the desired app to link.
  11. Now you can click Create the source.
  12. API key will be generated. You can copy it for now.

Well done! Your API Source is created! 🎉 Now it is time to submit the feedback from your systems.

You can use this api key and submit feedback from any system your company requires. If you encounter any problems, please send us a note, we will be in touch soon.