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Rest API

Submission feedback with API Key

Once you generate the API key on the Applysis platform, you can use it now in your own software systems to submit customer feedback directly to us.

Our feedback object expects 8 fields. Here is what you can submit to us.

  • text: optional, e.g review text, email body etc.
  • title: optional, e.g email subject, question, review title etc.
  • date: optional. We expect any valid JSON date.
  • rating: optional, e.g review rating, we expect it to be minimum 1, maximum 5
  • author: optional, e.g user name, email address.
  • region: optional, it can hold any region value you desire e.g country, city, county.
  • version: optional, e.g 1.5, 1.6.1 etc.
  • tags: optional, array of Strings e.g ["brake", "speed", "price"] etc.

Steps to submit

1. Prepare the valid JSON

Here are some few important things to consider:

  1. API expects an array of the feedback objects.
  2. You can not submit more than 50 feedbacks at a single batch and it can be minimum one feedback.

Here is the example of JSON:

        "text": "Thank you for providing such an amazing app!",
        "title": "Nice app!",
        "date": "2020-04-23T18:25:43.511Z",
        "rating": 5,
        "author": "",
        "region": "Tallinn",
        "version": "1.5.1",
        "tags": ["brake", "speed", "price"]

2. Add headers

Here is the place where we will use the generated secret key. So, we require to append only two headers:

  1. x-api-key: your-secret-key
  2. Content-Type: application/json

3. Submit feedback

Prepare your request, add body, headers and POST it to

N.B If you are going to submit feedback from Apple systems, we have prepared Swift Package supporting iOS, OSX, WatchOS and TVOS, which eases the submission process.


  • You can not submit more than 50 feedbacks at a single request.
  • With the current plans, you can submit a maximum 2000 feedbacks in a month. If you wish to increase the amount, please, reach out to us.
  • text field can not be null nor empty.

For any issues or technical difficulties, please reach out to us.