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Swift Package

Applysis Swift Package gives the opportunity to submit feedback automatically from iOS, OSX, WatchOS or TVOS apps directly to the Applysis platform. SDK can be used as Swift Package Manager and downloaded from github repository.

Supported Versions

  • iOS from 13.0
  • OSX from 10.15
  • TVOS from 13.0
  • WatchOS from 6.0


Before you start using the Package, you should add a new API source on Applysis platform and generate the secret key. All details are explained here.


Import Applysis in AppDelegate.swift and add initalisiation in didFinishLaunchingWithOptions.

Applysis.initalise(with: "your-secret-key")

Debug Mode

If you wish to enable the debug mode you can call: Applysis.shared.enableDebugMode() It will log all network parameters, headers, body and response. It will help you debug bad requests or any other issues.


Applysis SDK provides the Feedback structure which contains:

  • text: optional, e.g review text, email body etc.
  • title: optional, e.g email subject, question, review title etc.
  • date: optional.
  • rating: optional, e.g review rating, we expect it to be minimum 1, maximum 5
  • author: optional, e.g user name, email address.
  • region: optional, it can hold any region value you desire e.g country, city, county.
  • version: optional, e.g 1.5, 1.6.1 etc.
  • tags: optional, array of strigns e.g ["brake", "speed"]

SDK uses Combine to notify callee about the submission success or failure. So, initialise Feedback structure with the data you want to submit and then submit it with the SDK.

let feedback =
        text: "Sending messages fails, please fix ASAP!",
        title: "Bug on message sending",
        date: Date(),
        rating: nil, author: nil, region: nil, version: nil

    .sink(receiveCompletion: { [weak self] resp in
        switch resp {
            case .finished:  break // finished
            case .failure: break // error
    }, receiveValue: { [weak self] _ in
        // success
    .store(in: &cancellables)
Submission by batches

Submission can be done batch by batch. You can use Applysis.shared.submitFeedbacks(_ feedbacks: [Feedback]) to submit a maximum 50 feedbacks at a time.

If feedback(s) was successfully submitted, it should be visible on the Applysis platform in maximum next 10-15 minutes.


  • You can not submit more than 50 feedbacks at a single batch.
  • With the current plans, you can submit a maximum 2000 feedbacks in a month.
  • text field can not be nil or empty.

For any issues or technical difficulties, please reach out to us.